After taking advantage of a coupon on Deal Chicken, I ordered a pendent. Not sure about the tracking / delivery I sent an email to the company- responded in less than 24 hrs to let me know the item had shipped RIGHT ON SCHEDULE and gave me the tracking number.

Once the United States Post Office got ahold of it that's where the experience took a nose dive............the post office did NOTHING to update the tracking information so I had no idea when the package would arrive. While Belleza did their best to calm the waters, there is NOTHING they can do once it leaves their possession in shipping.

I complained more than once to the post office and got nothing back from them.

While it wouldn't have been a crisis to merely wrap up a picture for the gift - I am hoping that the next time I order from Belleza they don't use the postal service for shipping!

Review about: Belleza Jewelry Shipping Service.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #775717

The USPS does not pick up their pkgs individually, this business is a scam. They create a manifest for the USPS to scan which states the number of pkgs for that day and tracking labels are linked to the manifest.

I did not receive mine as well, My tracking number along with everyone else's simply stated it was generated and P/U. Here is the problem the a manifest from this scam business HAS 100's of pkgs on it. I.E. 300pkgs on manifest and USPS only picks up 100.

They are so small that The USPS takes their word on count, The other 200 are fake labels with tracking numbers for orders that were never filled.

Belleza now is showing the customer they shipped when they had no intention on doing so. That is why USPS is unable to show any tracking info cause it never existed.

Concord, New Hampshire, United States #772188

I also received a post office electronic notification that they initiated a mailing but that was over 1 month ago. I have called and emailed and have gotten no response from Belleza.

i ordered my bracelet in October for a Christmas gift and I am still waiting for a response or the bracelet to arrive. I own my own small business and create shipping labels all the time.

It DOES NOT get updated by the post office until as they have received ads the package.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #771632

I seriously doubt your merchandise is coming. The same thing happened to me.

All promises from the company but no bracelet. Having a shipping number does not mean the item has been shipped.

It can be generated with the INTENT of being shipped but it is not up to the postal service to make sure that it is sent. The merchant is the one to hold accountable, not the postal service.

to Anonymous #771856

I got the merchandise just fine !

it is up to the post office to ensure it's delivered once its in their possession !

I knew it had been picked up by them b/c I had the tracking number which the shipper issues.

I have been shopping online for over 15 yrs - I know the drill.

to tlee #771858

in addition to your comment- if the shipper loses the package it is THEIR responsibility to replace the item, which I have had to do once with UPS.

to Anonymous Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #773129

I agree,the item isn't coming!! It appears they've ripped off sooo many people...so sad!

The ones writing good things must be related to these ppl!! Ugh.never again!!

to Peed off customer #773656

hate to burst your bubble but not related at all and if you have been shopping at retail locations or online for X amount of years and never had a bad experience then life must really be a shocker for you.

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