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Ordered a product November 16, 2013. Have yet to see any confirmation of shipping or at least any update of processing as for Today January 7, 2014. Was told that Item would ship no later than December 6, 2013, then was told that the exact item was not going to be sent, but instead a similar necklace due to manufacturer issues. As an apology they offered a 75% off coupon for a purchase. Giving them the benefit of a doubt (Last time I do that), I used the coupon to order something else. It's been nearly a month since I placed that order. Card was charged and have not seen any update of processing or shipping.

Just a bunch of run around BS. Won't answer phone or respond to emails. Turned off the contact page on their website and Facebook. No answers and seem to blame customer.

I have reported them to the TN Better Business Bureau. Will also report them to my CC provider to get my money back.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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I was graced with this overly professional email after my order was confirmed cancelled:

"Your order has been canceled and your card has been refunded. We are “not” a scam. Your tag and order are sitting to go out. Until we sent that email which had nothing at all to do with your orders, you would have had it without an issue. When you got your refund from Deal Chicken it’s too bad you didn’t ask them why they don’t pay their vendors. Can you work for free, not get paid for stock, shipping and manpower. How would you like to not get your paycheck because a deal site doesn’t want to pay for months? That’s how my people feel.

Don’t take your anger out on me over watches. We have so many customers complaining over the fact they didn’t get their orders and the 20,000 plus who did are quiet. “I” have lost my patience. It’s fine if you never want to use us again, support the big business, call the small business a scam because we didn’t get paid. That’s just fine."

I am not angry at the watches... not in the least. I don't need them. I am angry because this company give the run around. Says something will ship, time and time again. She's full of it and I don't feel bad for her in the least. She knew what she was signing up for with the deal sites. They clearly state that they will not get paid right away.

I run my own personal business and know plenty of people that run their own small businesses and I, or any of them wouldn't dream of running their business like she does. Or even sending an email response like that.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #770519

I ordered two White Hot Red bracelets in October via a Deal Chicken voucher for a December birthday present. As of today, 1/8/14, I have not received anything but emails full of empty promises that they would be delivered.

I also received an email today from them telling me they could no longer honor the voucher and to get the refund from Deal Chicken or to contact my credit card company for a charge back. This is Belleza's fault and their problem and should be ones to refund the money.

I plan to report them to the BBB and lodge complaints on as many social websites as I can. They need to be put out of business for scamming so many well meaning people who did nothing wrong except order from this scandalous company.

to Anonymous #770552

HILARIOUS! I got the same email today... Which was funny because they told me my order was going to ship yesterday. I replied and said well if it's ready to ship then ship it. Then after I got the email I told them to Cancel my order, not to call me, and just refund my money. They replied saying that it was ready to ship. :( I am extremely doubtful that I will ever see my order.

I read that several people getting confirmation of shipping with Tracking #s that Never update. Sounds like they print the shipping label to buy more time.

I don't know what is wrong with these women?! Why does it take a month (OR 2) to ship something. I bet they don't even have the products they advertise. Or maybe the whole Deal Chicken/Hoopla thing was a bad business move that went sour and they really didn't have any control of... or maybe they are just a bunch of scammers who take pleasure in stealing peoples money.

I already reported my complaint to Deal Chicken asking for a refund and reported them to the TN BBB.

to PineappleHat Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada #777553

I purchased a daily deal voucher for the Rainbow Loom kit from Belleza Jewelry. Dec 7th was the transaction date, Dec 9 I was charged shipping for the item.

I rec'd an email a few days before Christmas stating they were overwhelmed with orders and if you didn't receive a tracking number by the end of business that day, you would not get it in time for Christmas. I understood. Two weeks pass by, and another email comes to say "oops, sorry, we are not honouring Moolala or DealChicken vouchers, so email them for refunds. We will be issuing shipping refunds." I emailed and called, and called and emailed, to no avail.

Weeks later and I still have no shipping refund. I have long since rec'd my refund from for the initial voucher purchase. How many times can you do daily deals and then get overwhelmed and reneg!? Honestly, it's bad business.

I have filed fraud reports with Mastercard.

I am not alone. It was NOT the dailydeal site, it was Belleza who did not honour or follow up with their services.

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