My story is the same as everyone else's. I ordered a breast cancer bracelet on Deal Chicken from Belleza at the end of October. I've received a couple of emails from Belleza saying they're overwhelmed with orders but will be shipping my bracelet. I've even emailed them a couple of times to give them the opportunity to rectify the situation before I contact my credit card company.

I just got off the phone with my credit card company and have received credit from them for the purchase price. Simple as that. I would hope that NOBODY ordered from Belleza Jewelry after reading all of these complaints and they go out of business. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I'm now going to issue a formal complaint with Deal Chicken.

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Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #781575

I bought the breast cancer bracelet too.I had several contacts with Belleza Jewelry with them telling me that they were overwhelmed with the orders and my order would be delayed.

Then I got a notice saying that the bracelet was in the mail and it included a tracking order. I never received the bracelet. I finally went to my credit card (Discover) and asked for a refund. Discover gave me a refund last week.

This company is not working on the up and up. I would not buy anything else from them.

Also, Deal Chicken did not return any phone calls and was no help at all in this matter so I have marked them off my list too!

Salisbury, Maryland, United States #779185

I too was scammed by Belleza Jewelry.The breast cancer bracelet on Deal Chicken was beautiful.

I have called/e-mailed with not even a courtesy reply.I checked with Postal service and even though they gave me a tracking number the postal service still has not received the item to ship.

I filed a complaint with BBB and I am also going to Deal Chicken they really need to vet their vendors a little better.

They always say if too good to be true then it is I was just hoping this wasn't one of those times.

Salisbury, MD

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